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The Monument to all our Sins by StellarStateLogic
The Monument to all our Sins
"--So tell me; what did you see, Mendicant? What did you see that lies beyond the Great Mountains? Have you never noticed, how the Halo radiated above us like the Northern Star, and the Parasites' shadows fed on our desire of explore?"
Beyond the Breach by StellarStateLogic
Beyond the Breach
Qunari Inquisitor Adaar who has had enough with your Fade and your glowing radioactive smoke of whateverness.

She considers to go on strike with the Chantry 99% of the time and the only thing that stops her from doing so are Vivienne and Iron Bull.



StellarStateLogic's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
In case of prints:
I'm opening up some slots for ID commission.
These IDs will be a fully colored (cel-style shading), full-body portrait with a transparent background.
The basic price are USD$20 each, and will have to charge additional fee for things listed as below:
1. Additional USD$5~10 for an in-action pose other than basic standing/sitting.
2. Additional USD$5~10 without any pictorial references.
3. Additional USD$10 for complex accessories (such as birds/flowers/swords that flies around the character). This includes animals/steeds/mascots half the size of the ID character.
3. Additional USD$20 for each extra character to be put in the ID. This includes animals/steeds/mascots larger than the ID character.
Here are some examples:
USD$20 Basic (Sitting / Standing)
Commish - Aeia'nagi nar Rannoch by StellarStateLogicDeviant ID by StellarStateLogic
USD$ 25 Action
Commish - Garrot Rassk the Vorcha Assassin by StellarStateLogic
All payments will be done through Paypal. I will start working on the picture after receiving the payment.
I'm opening up 10 slots for this batch.
1. :iconempire-ant: for her Quarian OC + her friend's Asari OC
Commish - Jar'Rhan vas Nehyaz and Lliana by StellarStateLogic
2. :iconyukiminamoto: for her female Shepard
3. :iconyukiminamoto: for her male Shepard
4. :iconyukiminamoto: for her other male Shepard + the Catalyst kid
5.:iconfseffect: for his femShep with a badass sword
6.:iconmalisvitterfolk: for her Blood Elf Warlock and her friend's Blood Elf Mage
7.:iconotakucutie: for her Gaia avatar




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ShardsOfIdentity Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
You are fantastically creative!  Keep up the good work!
fish-faris Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
Hey there, Ive always wondered since i first started following you about your interest in the Halo universe, Forerunners and everything. Do you read the books? Where are the references of your art from? Ive played the games but dont know much about the lore so i was very curious :)
JoltJab Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015
Wow your stuffs neat!
guyvermaster001 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
CalicoYorki Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Aesthetically certain, breath of the soul. Sure, it's a bit grandiose, but it really captures how I find your art: something confident, and sure of its design, and beautiful not only in the steps it takes to be amazing, but also in the control you exercise to not be over-extended, or overbearing in how you make your designs. I am so, so glad I discovered the creator of that Forerunner art I so adore. One word can't capture it, but you are simply brilliant. Just wanted to let you know.
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