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April 18, 2012
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The Age of Synthesis:
Post Mass Effect Technology Era and the Formation of Galactic Alliance

<After the Reaper War: The Great Migration>
Stretching a time from late 2186 to 2250, the Great Migration was commonly recognized as the period of time when the starfleets came to aid Earth against the Reapers return to their homeworld by FTL or other conventional means of commuting. By Quarian help, some larger battle fleets were renovated into starships to cope with a sustainable residency. While most have left the Sol System, some choose to resettle themselves on Earth or closer clusters like Tuchanka to help the locals rebuild their homeworld. This caused a shift in galactic powers for a moment, until the Galactic Alliance was established.

<After the Reaper War: Galactic Alliance>
The Galactic Alliance, established in year 2193, is an inter-stellar organization between the former Citadel Council, the Systems Alliance, and the Perseus Consortium. The three major players in the field combined their resources to host aiding programs and agencies for the migrants and provide necessary escorting needs.

<After the Reaper War: Perseus Consortium>
The Quarian and the geth reached consensus as the result of the late Rannoch War. The two species cooperated in rebuilding Rannoch and tried to establish a new form of government body. The Perseus Consortium was a confederation established in early 2188 between geths and quarians to ensure stability in governance for mutual benefits and rights for all intelligent species resides in the Consortium space sector (The Phoenix Massing, Far Rim, Perseus Veil, including Kepler Verge and Caleston Rift annexed by the Consortium as geth colonies in year 2239).

<After the Reaper War: ESCOGA>
Originally initiated by the Krogan Female Hearthen to pass down their traditions and beliefs, the "Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization of Galactic Alliance" (abbreviated as "ESCOGA"), was a inter-stellar academic center dedicated in preserving cultural heritage and intellectual archives of all species in the galaxy. The infrastructure of ESCOGA was set in Hawking Eta.

ESCOGA possesses neutrality over virtually all political powers in the galaxy.

<After the Reaper War: Omega space>
After the destruction of Cerberus, Aria T'loak quickly reestablished her position as the apex of Omega space and mercs. She would reign over Omega space for another millennia, and would hold opposition against the Galactic Alliance for matters that are "above the surface". Later in year 2239, through "diplomac exchange", she traded Kepler Verge and Caleston Rift for Consortium resources in a rather "peaceful" manner.

<Post Mass Effect Commuting Technology>
After the sabotage of the Mass Relay network, long-distance space-faring became less preferred as it could take decades to travel around. Instead, civilizations began to develop on a virtual reality based on the existing extranet technology and geth consensus. The ultimate goal is to make a holographic-based system able to communicate in absolute real-time.

<Post Mass Effect Communication Technology and Project Sylphy>
After the Mass Relays were sabotaged due to the overloaded information sent to reprogram the Reapers. Project Sylphy was initiated in year 2200 and funded by the newly organized Galactic Alliance to create a new system based on new synthetic technology that is capable in transmitting information through extensive distances. The project outcome provided a deliberate system of quantum VI clusters bind onto long-distance comets as mobile comm buoys.

<Project Demilight>
Initiated in year 2331, Project Demilight is the 5th project sharing the same lineage with Project Sylphy.

Dr. Liara T'soni and Dr. Talas Javik proposed the concept of melding docile, single-purposed synthetic micro-organism within an organic-originated body. The melding process will be exposed to eezo during the melding process so it simulates a similar effect as in-utero eezo exposure. The technology was inspired by the Prothean study records in genetic-engineering (particularly on ancient Asaris). In theory, the two could coexist for survival, similar to mitochondria and human cells.

By applying Prothean genetic-engineering technology under a natural process of synthesis melding, the average technical performance for a successful subject was estimated to be at least 800 times better than the original Sylphy System. Demilight System should be capable in transmitting a 3rd tier priority information from Serpent Nebula to Perseus Veil in a speed so fast that it'd be as if two parties are talking to one another in person.

"Demilights" could be made based on genetic information of virtually any living organisms, but small to medium-sized animals has became a common preference. Almost all of the Demilights would serve their purposes in eternal stasis, because they're used only for  transmitting information through their nervous system.

To avoid ethic concerns, there are also "Elasser Demilights", Demilights which only consists of a brain and a vertebra. Thus making Elasser Demilights essentially "formless" and possessed minimum requirement as a high-performance synthetic-organic computer.

<Project Focuslight>
Project Focuslight is a secret project derived from Project Demilight and was carried out by Dr. Liara T'soni herself. The goal of Project Focuslight was to meld micro-organisms to genetic information of a high-intelligent specie.

After substantial amount of failure in producing a subject stable in survivability, Javik interluded with the process by constructing an artificial DNA based on Garrus' turian DNA with a dextro version of Shepard's human DNA record.

When Javik was asked by Liara on his motives, he simply replied of how the Inusannon "lifted" the first Protheans through reconstructing the Prothean DNA. Instead of answering further questions, Javik reminded Liara about a promise made between both of them and Garrus before they put him into indefinite stasis.

<P'terya "Terra" Vakarian>
Terra was a subject code-named EMS-7777-'LUMINIS' in Project Focuslight, and was the only subject made it through fetal development and post-fetal development.

In year 2402, She was officially named "P'terya Vakarian" by Dr. Liara T'soni after releasing her from the germination tank. However, she was commonly known as "Terra" because people, including herself, had difficulty in pronouncing her first name.

Despite every organisms are synthetic-organic, she was the first individual able to shift her functioning body compounds from synthetic-organic to only synthetic. She also showed an obvious case of possessing dual-personality ('Terra' and 'Orta') which shifts into one another depending on her physical condition. It was presumed that she developed her second personality in order to cope with physical and mental traumas caused by switching her functioning body compounds.

Blessed by her dual-personality, Terra's secret identity as the Shadow Broker's information hub was kept secured.

Mishka is a Demilight 3.0 which its genetic information came from Siamese cats on Earth. She has extensive lifespan and a higher intelligence compared to normal Earth domestic cats.

Being Terra's faithful companion, Mishka never served as a true Demilight. She was empirically proved to be an able companion capable in stabilizing Terra's mental condition.

<Rogue Reapers>
After the Reaper War was ended with melding synthetics with organics, virtually all Reapers have left galactic space. However, effects of indoctrinated individuals still persist here and there, and Reapers disapproved the synergy have went underground to manipulate the virtual world using their advanced technology.

<The Equinox Program>
The Equinox Program is a long-term program issued to Terra by ESCOGA after learning her true identity as a "Focuslight". By using her talent in transmitting and calculating massive amount of information that would require 80-120 ordinary Demilights to accomplish, Terra gained educational benefits and a position in ESCOGA so that no other powers in the galaxy could claim her as their own. Terra would also protect the ESCOGA Archives from the Rogue Reapers' infiltration.
Image courtesy of NASA's Hubble Telescope. "The Cradle of Stars".

Background Music for setting up the mood: [link]

Okay, the only good thing about the Synthesis Ending is that we get to experiment on new concept in technologies and all that closure-related stuff.

Figured I should have all of these ideas jotted down before I forget them.

Ah, yes, EMS 7777, we've dismissed that claim. (the highest EMS possible now is 7700 according to this): [link]
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xXGoldenPheonixXx Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what was the promise?
flashbranson Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
this is damn cool! and they say I'M brilliant
williamwz3 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
I don't understand, why was Garrus place in an indefinite stasis, what was the promise.

Note: I only started looking at your artwork today.
dejoue Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is my closure. Thank you for putting my mind at ease :)
StellarStateLogic Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012   Digital Artist

I wrote it up for closure as well, I'm glad to know your mind is at peace.
Faustthedead Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
i have something for you , what if that network like mind internet was used like new power like biotics in waz like zou need something like transmiter on you to like emit enrgy with your mind like when terra have her hair like emitter to emit energy
Skyward-Dreamer Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
There are some really interesting ideas in this, it's easy to tell you've put a lot of thought into this. :) I really hadn't thought far past the ending of ME3 myself but this made it a lot easier to see what the future might and could hold after Synthesis. Thank you for sharing your ideas!
StellarStateLogic Featured By Owner May 25, 2012   Digital Artist
Thank you for approving this, I was writing in order to get closure.
I might rewrite this when I have time so there can be a post-destroy version as well.
Skyward-Dreamer Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012
Yay, that would certainly be interesting. I suppose every species would have to start pretty much from scratch. It might actually be rather interesting to see what would happen, if they would indeed invent the wheel so to speak, or just start up from where everything ended.

Sorry for my tardiness lately, it's my PPMS (pre- and post menstrual stress) week so I've mostly been in bed. On top of that, the weather's been absolutely awful and I'm cold constantly despite wearing two layers of clothing. :( I'm like the turians, I hate the cold, brrr!
StellarStateLogic Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012   Digital Artist
Ah, it's TOTALLY fine, I've got some issues with PPMS as well. Right now I'm just coping with it because there are more important things to deal with.

And coldness is the archenemy to female body... just remember to stay warm and get chicken soup every other day... it'll help stopping the PPMS and help you fight the coldness coming from inside you (if your hands and feet are constantly freezing no matter how warm you've kept yourself), it's a Chinese Medicine thing. :)
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