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Dossier: The Spear and the Shield

-- A Screenplay


Ojo Xiones dis Theide
Prothean race, the Exemplar of Protection

Vahana Flaruniss dis Graileann
Prothean race, Ojo's Apprentice

Alancier Keane dis Rhaustra
Oravores race, the Exemplar of Vengeance, Ojo's apprentice before Vahana

Vestri Keane dis Khanij
Oravores race, Alancier's Apprentice

The Mainframe VI (Virtual Intelligence) in charge of managing Parhelia Omni's systems

The Chivalries
The Chivalries are Archknights who have reached their age of retirement and are the leading/administering group of the Archknight Order.
As most Archknights died in wars, there are only a handful of individuals able to reach this position.


Xeidas / Naau System / Murias Empyrean
Political center and homeplanet of the Densorin race, Xeidas was a garden planet with seasonal dust storms

Quasar Fortress / Tyrandi Veil / Lyndel Empyrean
Headquarter and homebase of the Archknight Order

Parhelia Omni
Omni Class Light Cruiser designed exclusively for the Archknight Order.
The vessel was owned by Ojo and was the "home" to Ojo, Alancier, Vahana, Vestri, and other supportive crew members of the Order


Prothean Imperial Calendar year 31154, Citadel Calendar 23618
The 11th year of Dominance War between Prothean-Oravores and Densorin
153 years before the Prothean Reaper War


[Xeidas / Naau System / Murias Empyrean]

[Alancier was dressed in his Archknight Heavy Armor and was ready to get off from the shuttle craft.]

[The shuttle craft landed on a rocky platform. Dust storm was approaching as soldiers were leaving the battlefield. Most of the soldiers' faces shown weariness, but none of them seemed severely wounded.]

[Alancier turned his head to look around; he was in search of something. He walked up to an Oravores officer dressed in armor with a particular shade of red gleaming in gold.]

ALANCIER [approaches]: Commander.

COMMANDER [nods lightly in reverence]: Knightmaster.

ALANCIER [in a concerned tone]: Do you know where the Knightmaster Ojo and his Apprentice are?

COMMANDER [looks down towards the bottom of the platform, wearily]: They were together with us. We were pressing the Densorins to their edge. But then when they bombed their Central Towers to bury us, the Knightmaster rushed in to hold them in place. The little one tried really hard protecting us when we called the retreat. [Sighs] She's probably down there near the debris, poor thing, she's been there for hours searching for her master. ...Please tell her that she did a great job, Knightmaster. She held the line; we barely lose a single man because she was there to help us out.

ALANCIER [frowns as the Commander speaks, but smiles faintly and nods in response]: I'm sure she'll appreciate your words, thank you.

[Alancier hurried himself into the dusty debris]

ALANCIER [loudly]: Vahana!

[Alancier passed the debris; the Dust Storm was approaching to a close distance]

ALANCIER [turns his head around to see the surroundings]: Vahana!

[Alancier spotted a distinctive silhouette of a prothean holding onto a spear about 50 feet away from him. He approached the prothean young woman.]

[Vahana was facing her back towards Alancier. Her forehead was gleaming in a verdant green, a sign of using the Clairvoyance ability. She did not bother to turn her face back towards Alancier; instead, she mindlessly looked into the distance where debris of fallen towers had laid.]

ALANCIER [talks in a louder, aggravated tone]: Vahana! Why didn't you response?

VAHANA [murmurs]: ......I failed.

ALANCIER [puzzled]: What are you talking about?!

VAHANA: I failed to protect him, Knightmaster... I failed to protect my master.

[Alancier saw Ojo's spear was in Vahana's hands and how she was gripping its handle tightly, pressing it against her chest. He turned his attention back to Vahana with a pitiful expression.]

ALANCIER: The spear in your hands...

VAHANA [mournfully]: ...He said he didn't need it anymore, he said I was able to wield it now, in his name––  [Begins to breathe rapidly] He said he doesn't need me anymore... I––

[Vahana began to breathe rapidly; her form shuddered as if in paranoia, she was breaking down.]

[Alancier reached to Vahana's shoulder and turned her over to look in her in eyes.]

ALANCIER [shakes Vahana lightly]: Vahana! You have to keep yourself together. You are the Wielder of Mahamayuri now. Knightmaster Ojo has approved your capability and eligibility to succeed his Virtue. You will become the next Exemplar of Protection!

VAHANA [eyes widened to look at Alancier, speaks in a heart-broken tone]: ......What is there for the purpose of being a Protector if I couldn't even protect the most important person in my life?

ALANCIER: .......

[Vahana shook him off and walked away for a distance]

VAHANA [despaired, face towards the debris]: Let me be, I failed as an apprentice. I failed to protect my master. I'll stay here until I've found his remains.


[Alancier reached to her again]

VAHANA: ...Don't force me into this; I don't want to hurt you.

ALANCIER [tenderly]: I'm not here to fight you, Vahana... I've come to say my good-byes to my Knightmaster.

[Vahana's eyes widened; she realized that she had forgotten the fact that Alancier was also Ojo's apprentice, and lowered her eyes in guilt.]

[Alancier just looked at Vahana tenderly, and patted her on the head]

VAHANA: ....

ALANCIER [reassuringly with a tone of agony]: Come, let's say our good byes to him.... And we'll go back to Lyndel. I shall represent you to the Chivalries to approve for your Bestowment.


[Quasar Fortress / Tyrandi Veil / Lyndel Empyrean]

[Roughly 1 month after the event in Scene One]

[Vahana changed her apprentice armors into a brand new armor and cloak of jet black. She walked into the Grand Hall and kneeled down with reverence in front of the Board of Chivalries as she reached the steps. Her head bowed down and closed her eyes in utter silence, waiting for the announcement of her Bestowment.]

[Alancier stood at the right side of the Grand Hall, looking towards her above the heads of a group of fellow knights.]

CHIVALRIES: The Chivalries hereby announce you – Vahana Flaruniss dis Graileann, as the Wielder of Mahamayuri, and the 384th Exemplar of Protection. May the spirits of all Protectors bestow this Virtue into your soul, mind, and spirit, and you shall implement this Virtue into every war you wage for Victory and Triumph.

[Vahana stood up as a chime of music started, she turned over and took her time to indulge into the cheers and applauses, and then finally set her eyes on Alancier with a determined expression.]


[Parhelia Omni]

[Vahana was alone in her new personal cabin which was originally Ojo's. She stared at her hew armor and the Archknight Emblem on it. She gave a sarcastic, bitter smile when the intercom rang in and disrupted her thoughts.]

LUXIS: --Knightmaster, Vestri has asked for your permission of visiting your cabin.

VAHANA: Granted.

[VESTRI walks in to the cabin with 2 bowls of ice cream]

VESTRI [casually]: Nice room, Knightmaster, now I'm looking more forward into getting my knighthood.

VAHANA: You're freaking me out by not calling me by my name.

VESTRI [sheepishly]: I'm sorry, Vahana, I was just trying to cheer you up. I mean... I'm sorry.

VAHANA [gave Vestri a bitter smile]: ...Thank you, Vestri. I should apologize for my bitterness.

VESTRI: No, I understand. Heh, but I brought ice cream just in case humor doesn't work.

[Vahana gave Vestri a faint smile as she accepted the bowl from Vestri.]

[The two sat on the floor, eating ice-cream silently for a long moment.]

VAHANA: ......I remember you used to cry in bed and dream-talking with your parents.

VESTRI: That was when I was small!

VAHANA [sorrowful]: I envied your ability to shed tear... There's too much in me now. [She looks up to Vestri and gave a sarcastic smile] I guess this is why the Protheans invented ice cream, to chill our heads down.

VESTRI: But it's the Densorin who got all those crazy flavors invented.

VAHANA [nodded]: True, they need comfort food more than we do.

VESTRI: Yeah, too bad we had to wipe them out.

LUXIS: --Knightmaster Vahana, Knightmaster Alancier requests you to go to his cabin.

VAHANA: I'll be there right away.

[Vahana stood up and patted out the wrinkles on her clothes]

VESTRI [also stands up and proceeds to the door]: I'll handle the left-overs in the mess hall, extra ice-cream never hurts... and eh... [Stops and turn around to look at Vahana] Be careful, Vahana, he might bite.

VAHANA [frowns]: What do you mean?

VESTRI [shrugs and speaks in a lively tone]: Just saying. Don't let your guards down, Protector.

VAHANA [gives an un-amused smirk to Vestri]: Funny.


[Parhelia Omni]

[Vahana enters Alancier's personal cabin when he was looking out into stars. He turned his face to Vahana as she approached him and stopped at a moderate distance. She stood in an upright, graceful fashion, holding her hand by the fingers in front of her waist, like a noble woman.]

VAHANA [slightly tilts her head and inquires]: What do you need, knightmaster?

ALANCIER: Just checking if you're okay.

VAHANA [calmly]: Vestri got me some ice cream to ease the feelings down a bit.

ALANCIER [smirks teasingly]: Really. Then you wouldn't threaten to hurt me again, would you?

VAHANA: ...I'm sorry.

ALANCIER: I was just teasing. But back there on Xeidas, that rage in you should've been mine, Vahana. I can still see them gleaming through your eyes now.

[Vahana turned her head away to avoid seeing each other in the eye, but Alancier approached her and had her look back at him again.]

ALANCIER [looks at Vahana calmly but with seriousness]: I'd like to see his final moments... would you care to share it with me?

VAHANA: It might hurt.

ALANCIER: I've seen more.

[Vahana took Alancier's right hand and covered it in her palms, the two shut their eyes.]


[Xeidas / Naau System / Murias Empyrean]

[The combat team encased in a green biotic defense bubble followed Ojo across the air-bridge leading to the Central Tower. Suddenly, the earth trembled beneath them.  Shards of material were starting to crumble down from the towers.]

[Ojo looked up as his forehead gleamed with sparkles of green, his eyes narrowed into an ominous expression.]

OJO [turns his face back to Commander of the team and speaks in a collected tone]: The towers are going to collapse. We must retreat, Commander, I will hold these towers as long as I can.

VAHANA [hurried to Ojo's side when she hears his words]: Master!

OJO [demandingly]: ...Take the Mahamayuri, Vahana. It belongs to you now; guard it with your life.

VAHANA [confused]: Master!?

OJO: Go, the soldiers need you.

VAHANA [exclaims]: I can't leave without you!

OJO [authoritatively]: This is an order from your knightmaster, Vahana. I no longer need your support! You must now protect these soldiers and guide them to safety!

[He shoved the spear into Vahana's hands]

[Vahana gripped onto the spear, her eyes widen in disbelief and anguish.]

OJO [scolds]: What are you standing there for!?

COMMANDER: We must retreat now! The tower is coming down!

[One of the towers crumbled down.]

[Vahana wielded the spear to create a force field to deflect the crumbled infrastructure off from the soldiers]

[Vahana's face turned into a stern, controlled-aggressive look, her forehead gleamed as she wielded the spear flaming in green in channeling her biotic power. She saw an escape route through her Clairvoyance ability.]

VAHANA [shouts]: This way, commander!

[The towers were coming apart as the team ran out of its impact range, the entire area was about to come down, but Ojo's force field was holding them back from falling apart. Vahana let the group out of the jungles of towers while deflecting the loose debris.]

[The team got into the safety zone, just when Vahana turned her head back and saw the towers fell and collapsed entirely. Her face was filled with shock and disbelief.]

VAHANA [murmurs]: Master...


VAHANA [speaks collectively in a quiet voice]: ...The shuttle should be here in a moment. I... apologize for leaving you here, but I must find him......

[Vahana left the team and ventured into the ruins]


[Alancier gave out a long, heavy sigh after seeing the vision.]

[Vahana cowered away, but Alancier grabbed her hand and lifted her face up by the chin so he could look into her eyes.]

ALANCIER [deeply]: Vahana.

VAHANA: .....?

[Vahana's eyes were filled with unspeakable melancholy]

[Alancier's eyes turned aggressive, he shoved Vahana into his arms and embraced her upwards by wrapping his arms around her thighs]

[Vahana looked at him, clearly shocked]

ALANCIER: ...I know it looks like I'm taking advantage of you, knowing that you're emotionally vulnerable now... I will refrain myself if you're not approving this relationship. But I just want you to know... that now you're an Archknight, this makes us truly equal, and I've waited for this day to come.

VAHANA [with hesitation]: ......Knightmaster... please, you're breaking the Code. We are the machines of war; the war is our soul, or life, and our sculptor. We are forbidden to bond intimately with anyone.

ALANCIER: I want you to tell me if you want it or not, you as yourself, Vahana, not as a knight. The Chivalries will disregard it if we can prove them the necessity of this bond, but I want to hear your most truthful answer for this.

VAHANA [hesitates]: ......Master Ojo didn't suggest this to you, didn't he?

ALANCIER: No. Even if he already saw this coming…, he never spoke of this.

[Vahana gave Alancier an agonized smile]

VAHANA: I'm sure he knew.

[Alancier tilted his head a little and looked at her suggestively]

[Vahana leaned forward and rested her cheek in the burrow between his neck and shoulder]

VAHANA [whispers mournfully]: .......I was born by taking away my mother's life... my skin color was the color of Death itself... my eldest sister did not say anything about her unborn child, but I knew, I could hear the agony in her heart, that she blamed me for it. [speaks heavily with self-guilt] And all my triumphs were built on the deaths of the ones I cared about... We've been together for so long... Master was a father to me... and you, Knightmaster, I...... [inhales deeply] I just..... don't want to lose you, either.

ALANCIER [assuring]: Oravores don't take in prothean superstitions. Besides... ivory is the sacred color for the Hathna... the Oravores' Goddess of Creation and Protection. You are meant to protect things, Vahana. Ojo knew that from the very beginning, that was why he had chosen you... and trained you to carry his legacy. We as knights live in wars, and possibly will die in one of them, but as long as my Protector is alive, I will stand tall. I will not leave this world before you, Vahana. I am taking my words as a Pledge of allegiance between two Archknights, as well as in person.

[Alancier pulled Vahana away from her embrace and put her on to the bed; he knelt down and wrapped her hands into his, and looked at her softly.]

ALANCIER [in a dedicated, determined tone as he sets his eyes on Vahana]: As for my part, I am the Exemplar of Vengeance; I was meant to unleash the rage of the Dead to our enemies. So if you'd like to, from now on, I will bear your rage and anguish, and I will wield them as my weapon. I shall unleash the pain in your heart as the deathblow to our enemies. In exchange, I want you to call me by my soul-name. To you, my name shall be Naj'talar.

[Vahana looked at Alancier quietly for a moment. She then reached to him shyly, and whispered his soul-name at the side of his cheek.]

VAHANA: By the way... Vestri warned me that you'd bite.

ALANCIER: Ah, that kid's getting better in the skill of observing than his defensive skills. I might need to work him up a bit more.

VAHANA: I'd help.

[Alancier gently pulled her away from him, his forehead touched onto hers.]


[Parhelia Omni, VI Command Chamber]

[Vestri was sitting next to Luxis; he backed up exaggeratingly, acting as if he had been struck in heart.]


LUXIS: --I shall terminate the audio recipient inside Knightmaster Alancier's cabin now, for dignity's sake.

VESTRI [taunts]: Oh, so a VI cares about dignity now?

LUXIS: --It's more like I consider it an exchange of private conversations among Archknights. They are going to discuss some important battle tactics that are going to be classified.

VESTRI: Yeah, and she didn't even finish her ice cream. Should I go up there now and give it to her?

LUXIS: --...I'm quarantining you in this area until either one of them comes here to release you.

VESTRI [exaggeratingly disappointed]: Daww.


For :iconforward-darkly: who has ventured off to Whiterun as I post this.

I rewrite the comic scripts of how Vahana obtained her knighthood and some romantic scenes into a Screenplay format as promised, with some sketch dump as well.

Now that this has become a script, I'm just not going to turn it into a comic any more. Too much work. Might do speed drawings/paintings based on this script, but no promises. I should get back to my comic now.

Speed drawing concepts

Aftermath (rated M for Mature)


Music for inspiration:

Overall: [link]
The music I turn to when I'm out of mood: [link]

Scenes 1/2/5: [link] [link] [link]

Scenes 3 & 4: [link] [link]

Scene 6: [link] [link]
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