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October 8, 2012
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The Librarian and Bornstellar-Didact by StellarStateLogic The Librarian and Bornstellar-Didact by StellarStateLogic
She clasped my face between her cool hands and looked down into it. “You refused to give Faber what he needed to activate all the Contender-class ancillas. You refused to give him the location of all your Shield Worlds. It is said that the Master Builder executed you on the San’Shyuum quarantine planet. You are now all I have.

“You are all we have.”

— Halo - The Forenunner Saga: Cryptum


I have watched the entire footage of Halo 4 and I don’t give a damn to 343’s Forerunner design. I don’t give a damn to ‘canon’ Librarian’s appearance, either. I’m sticking my Forerunner appearance headcanon based on to Greg Bear’s interpretation of them resembling Tolkein’s elves and I draw what I want. *flips table*
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ArkaiaAsena Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i like your designs far more than that of 343's designs.
StellarStateLogic Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014   Digital Artist
ArkaiaAsena Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
awwwww. Hug 
FotusKnight Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe. But Forerunners can't look like Humans. And Didact without his awesome armor and ugly face isn't a Didact.
ArkaiaAsena Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
yeah,they have been described to look like humans (somewhat) before they mature.
while they shouldn't necessarily look like humans, the artist has done an excellent job designing them and personifying them.
personifying is probably the totally incorrect term, but meh.
cursed99 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
When I first heard there was a Human-Forerunner War in the new back story and that the humans had been devolved and placed back on earth, I thought the war was actually a Civil War and we are descended from the devolved losers of that conflict. I mean the doors in Halo are too small for the Ur-Didact and other 343 Forerunners as is every computer terminal. All of them carefully designed for ease of use by a human. Also the Forerunner having a standing military is at odds with their defeat by the Flood. They didn't need a military until the Flood. Their technology ensured no natural disaster was too great to overcome and no other sentient being could take them on in any form, they were all primitive. I'm not saying they had no weapons. They just didn't have weapons designed for armed conflict. I'm sure they had some hand guns, not to mention the sentinels. But then 343 comes along and makes the forerunners have a military backed up by insane robots. From before the Flood war. Not to mention the composer. A laser that was invented in Tron, guess the MCP loaned it out. Then they take Didact, a potentially interesting character from Bungie and create a confusing back story that gives us two Didacts. Why? Surely we could have just found a Precursor or multiple in Requiem. We know the Forerunner were loath to cause a species to go extinct. Hence the many Flood in storage. Giant armored scorpion monsters aided by the Covenant and in control of stolen Promethean Knights while they tear warthogs apart with their claws would have rocked. 
StellarStateLogic Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014   Digital Artist
I think it's the digitized personalities (imagine every life form "chosen" by the Librarian gets a digital backup of itself inside the Domain) that allowed the Halo 4 Promethean Knights to appear everywhere they want to. Though, personally, I do find that setting too imbalanced to begin with, not to mention how the Librarian would've been really upset about it (because her idea was to preserve the physical/organic biological information, instead of achieving digitized immortality). Although I am aware what I've said are completely based on the novel and Halo 3.

Forerunner needed military, or at least, the Ecumene needed a system of mobilizing Warrior-Servants who theoretically/ideally serve in the name of preserving the harmony of the Mantle's teaching BY ALL COST. Therefore to an extreme extent, this also implies that the leader of Warrior-Servants could easily fall into the "Lawful Evil" alignment (welcome to D&D roleplay) if he's not taken caution of his own rationalities. Ur-Didact would be a perfect example of that.

I don't like 343's setting with the Composer, that whole thing is too imbalanced, I'll just omit its existence.

The concept of having Bornstellar-Didact and Ur-Didact could've been Greg Bear's idea, though, he did write the novels under Bungie's approval (who had given him a lot of freedom in creating stuffs of his own idea). Though by all means I was disappointed by Ur-Didact's return as a villain and the poor quality of the reason and backstory that should've supported his actual debut. If Chief and Didact's final showdown for Halo 4 could be half as entertaining as the Boss vs Zinyak (final battle) in Saints Row IV, perhaps I wouldn't complain as much, but of course we all knew what had happened.
cursed99 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
The forerunner were unprepared for the Flood, their weapons were ineffective and they simply didn't react fast enough to Flood incursion. None of which holds true for a species with a military as capable as the Prometheans, and no, they did not need an army before hand, their species was incredibly advanced, intelligent and wise as well as being pacifists. This is of course Halo 3 era Forerunner, which had Mendicant Bias available to perform such actions using automated ships and millions upon millions of sentinels. As for the composer, smaller 'composing' devices that could make Cortana like AI from organic brains I could get behind. Upon seeing the effects of the composer I questioned why it wasn't; A: Precursor, B: The device reverse engineered to create the Halo Arrays' primary weapon, and C: why it needed to turn people into robots, also D: If it was Forerunner why didn't they mass produce it and use it on the Flood. At least it could have been connected to the Halo's, you know that thing in the title of the game. And yeah the Ur-Didact sucked. He was bland and very much not the wise and caring Forerunners we'd come to know. The whole 'but he's actually evil, dum, dum, dummm' is extremely lazy. Had we fought Precursors at least they'd likely follow the footsteps of the first Halo, wherein the primary antagonists (the Covenant and the Flood) didn't have a central villain and are extremely alien as a result. With later games providing more depth. Guilty Spark is far more complex a character than Truth and Gravemind. The Flood especially came off as ominous and dangerous.
jricht Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Beautiful work!
Agreed completely. I don't care for 343's forerunner design. 
Personally, up until Halo 3, I always thought that the forerunners *were* ancient humans, so this design fits my image of them perfectly.
StellarStateLogic Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014   Digital Artist
As far as I know of from the novel readings, I knew ancient humans weren't forerunners, but forerunners may have interfered with humanity's evolution. Which, had inspired me to make the timeline for Rebuild of the Reclaimer Trilogy.

As for ancient humans, I did design Yprin too and have put it in the same gallery folder. I wish to see her in canon games too... even though she might not be the same as how I designed her as.
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