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October 16, 2011
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Wrathion and Amethygosa by StellarStateLogic Wrathion and Amethygosa by StellarStateLogic
NOTICE: Amethy/Amethygosa isn't an RP character. For more info please read whatever was discussed below this thread. Thank you!


Wrathion, the known heir of Neltharion who claimed himself untainted by the evils beneath the very earth he would rule upon, and is the last remaining Black Dragon prince known to mortals.

(I guess we'll get to know more about him when 4.3 comes out!!)


Amethygosa, known by close ones as "Amethy", was bestowed by the purest of all magic long before she was hatched. As a clutch sister of Arygos, her hatch date has been postponed for so long that even her father thought the egg was a crystallized stillbirth.

According to the lore, the entire clutch which Arygos and other notable siblings would be hatched from was taken away by Korialstrasz because Saragosa neglected them.

When Nozdormu took these Blue Dragon eggs into foster care, he soon noticed the infamous "stillbirth" among the other eggs. He saw what lies before the egg's fate, and not only he decided to keep the crystalline egg separated from its siblings, he even made the egg's existence a secret by deliberately "erasing" its past appearances in the timeline. So that even powerful Aspects like Malygos could only recall a glimpse of sparkle when he thought of the egg.

When the Nexus War was about to end, he had Soridormi secretly send the egg to Winterspring under Haleh's care. Right after Malygos' death, the egg was finally hatched.

Despite Amthy is among one of the youngest blue dragonkins, she would be "the most rightful" heir after Malygos if judged based on power and knowledge of magic. However, her existence as a dragonkin is unknown by all beings, not even herself, except Haleh who looked after her egg and acompanied her as a mother and mentor.

To mortal eyes, Amethy is an all-loving High Elf child with no talent in magic. Her existence simpily makes her surroundings merrier, as if she is a spirit of good fortune.


Alough Haleh was unsure about Kalecgos' positoin as the new Blue Dragon Aspect, she remained silence and kept role as the Blue Dragon's Matron Protectorate. She decided to keep Amthy's identity as a secret to avoid outer threats and inner conflict; her descision became firmer after learning what has happened to Arygos when he tried to overthrow Kalecgos.

Fortunately, Amthy showed no interest in magic or arcana of any sorts. She prefered to hang out with Moonkins dwelled in Owl Wing Thicket and has often spent long period of time gazing at the moonlight. It was also the place where Wrathion and Amthy first met.


Haleh initially advised Amthy not to befriend with Wrathion because of her grudge towards Nefarian and his brutal experiments which caused many deaths on baby whelps like Awbee. When Amthy sharply pointed out the irrevelence and asked her adoptive mother the "real" reason, Haleh finally gave in and told her who she truly was, and confessed that deeply she feared what would become if Amethygosa's power was misled by wrongful forces.

Amthy then claimed that Wrathion was "still pure in the spirit", that there was nothing to be afraid of unless the seed of fear grows into a dark forest which entangles the heart and blocks out every bits of light.


On the aspect of their power, Amethygosa and Wrathion were on similar scales. When discussing about the recent issues happened among the Dragon Aspects, both of them share similar views on "being free." Amethy, who knew she was raised in a surrounding filled with care and love, decided to join Wrathion on his difficult journey because she felt the necessity of doing so.

"It's to avoid him from burrowing too deep, dear Mother," she said. "The Mind can be as free as Arcane power, and can be as as deep as the Earth. The Titans must be out of their mind to ask a tiny dragon to keep guard of something so powerful that even the Titans themselves must join forces to defeat. We must avoid it from happening again."

"The best way of using magic is not to use it -- unless using it would be your last and only resort." -- Amethygosa
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